Alternative Adventures
Not everything has to be behind closed doors

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Can't make it to Las Vegas? We can still interact and get to know each other. Join my OF page to see uncensored photos and tip me to see videos or have a conversation with me. The photo stream contains content not published elsewhere. Guys who tip have even more behind the scenes fun!  

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Fun in the Sun

Only available on warm sunny days between 11am and 4pm: We can spend 1.5 hours at the pool and then an hour back in your room for $850. Additional hours poolside are $150. Additional time in the room at $400 per hour. Busier pools will require you to rent chairs for us. Rent a cabana and I will invite my friends to join us. 

Top Golf Outing

Take 2 of my friends and me for a foursome of golf games. We can play for prizes back in the room. An afternoon of Topgolf with 90 minutes back in the room is $1000 per lady. For evenings it is $1200 per. This is only for a group date. The fee is $1500 if it is just you and me. 


Champagne and Caviar

Invite a friend or two of mine and myself out for about two hours of decadence.  We have a few favorite spots and are open to suggestions. We will meet you for fine champagne and unlimited caviar, gratis. No strings attached. This is not a euphemism for a fetish. We are talking about real champagne and caviar in a public venue. 


Be a Philanthropist

I am happy to join you for charity galas, gratis, provided that the price pp is over $500. One on my bucket list is Power of Love Gala  Contact me if you have one in mind.


Detox - Retox- rinse & repeat

Fly a couple of my friends and me to one of our favorite spa. Treat us to afternoons of unlimited  yoga, massage, beauty treatments, and healthy cuisine. We will spend the evenings with you out on the town polluting ourselves with alcohol, dancing and decadent food. We will each take a turn visiting your room once during the trip to express our gratitude for our wonderful spa vacation.  You cover our expenses- no additional fee required.


Party like a rock star

Group option: Treat 1 or more of my friends and me to VIP seating at a concert then we will take the party back to your room for 90 minutes. $1000 per lady.

Date option for us: Dinner, concert, then 2 hours of room time. $2000


Moroccan Journey

Be transported to a Marrakesh Hammam at the Sahra Spa at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. I will join you for the 130 minute Moroccan Journey where we will be bathed, scrubbed, mudded, steamed, and massaged in our own private space. The time at the spa is gratis. If you choose to take me back to your room then that can be arranged for my regular fee.