New Covid19 safety measures in place.


During the first few months of reopening I will have new safety protocols in place.

Hopefully over time we can relax these measures and not have to be overly cautious.

  • For the summer I will only be entertaining one out of town guest per week. Because of this, all appointments will require a deposit to save the day. You can reserve anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours.

  • You may cancel your appointment for any reason up to 24 hours before and have your deposit applied to a future booking. I don't want you to keep the appointment if you are sick.

  • Once rapid testing becomes readily available I will get tested the day before each appointment.

  • If your hotel requires me to walk through a casino I will arrive wearing a mask, overcoat, and flat shoes, with my hair tied up in a bun.

  • If we are going to dinner I will dress appropriately for the restaurant. But then a shower for both of us is required when we get back to the room.

  • When I get to your room, I will remove my shoes, mask, and coat at the door.

  • Please leave the donation on the bathroom counter.

  • If it is your request, I will go to the bathroom and shower. You are welcome to join me.

  • I will then take down my hair and put on any lingerie or footwear you have requested. Or we can adorn hotel robes.

  • I will have a temperature screening device with us to use if your hotel has not already put them in place.

  • I am happy to alter the activities in the session to make you feel more comfortable from a safety/health standpoint. I am a kisser, but will not be at all offended if you request that we refrain from kissing. 

  • For the following 2 weeks post date, I will alert you if I get sick in anyway, and promptly get tested and share my results. I ask that you show me the same courtesy. 

  • I have put this in place to make you more comfortable, not less comfortable. I am happy to discuss any and all procedures.

  • Preferred hotels are: Delano, Cosmopolitan, Palazzo, Venetian, and off strip hotels. These hotels allow me to self park and not have to walk though crowds of people to get to your room.