Making a good impression

The best way to have a great experience is for both of us to feel comfortable. I hope that if there is anything that I can do on my part you will let me know. Below are some tips to help you know how you can do your part.


1. When making your initial contact by email please include as much detail about yourself and what you are looking for as you can. Never mention anything illegal or sexual. 

2. When giving me your room number please include the hotel, tower floor and room number 34-567 is different than 3-4567.

3. When we first meet greet me with a hug and a kiss. Then please place your gift on a table in plain sight and  excuse yourself to the wash room. PLEASE wash your hands. I just have a thing about thinking about all of the places your hands have been since their last washing, (steering wheel, door knob, sandwich from lunch).  I am so much more at ease knowing they are fresh. Please use soap.

4. Need a shower? Just ask. If you did not get a chance to shower before our date I am happy to wait while you shower. I will even help dry you off. If you are a heavy smoker or you just lit one up, you need a shower. If you haven't showered in several hours you should probably jump in to rinse off the day. My favorite scent is soap but if you must use cologne use it sparingly. 

5. I want our time together to be special for both of us. We are to come together with mutual respect and admiration. Don't be afraid to express your desires. Bring an open heart and an open mind. My only basic limit is that I will not participate in anything that is painful for me. I'm here because it feels good. I enjoy lots of cuddling, massaging, kissing and talking. I am happy to share a drink with you. You can request that I bring something or you can supply our libations. I just request that beverages are unsealed in my presence and not open and waiting when I arrive. 

6. My rates are all inclusive and no other compensation or gift is necessary. If you would like to surprise me with a gift you can have it sent to Heather D'Angelo at the address below or bring it along to our date. If you send me something please send me the tracking information so I will know to go pick it up. 

Mailing address:

HD Consulting -

1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy, #440
box #250 Henderson, NV 89074