Ready for something a little different?

Edging- I am proficient in edging techniques. Please let me know if this is your desire. 90 minutes is the minimum for this type of appointment.


Shoe and foot worship- I love for you to adore my feet!


Role play- Do you want to act out a particular fantasy? I can be your secretary, boss, mommy or more. Feel free to send me a story that turns you on - After you have been screened and a date is set.


Bondassage® – A uniquely original concept

A delicious, full-body adult experience. Go to for more information. Bondassage is all of the deliciously arousing sensations of FBSM with a taste of BDSM. It is an ecstatic exploration of the senses comprised of sensual bondage, sensory deprivation, erotic massage and sensation play. Intensity can range from whisper soft to ascetic erotic discipline. Do you have some special requests? Just ask! Please allow a minimum of a 90 minute appointment for this service. This is a great experience for couples too!


Strap on Play - I have a great strap on. Let me know if I should bring it along.


Toys for girls and boys- I have a large collection of toys to bring. I love to pleasure myself for you. Just let me know to include some in my bag.

His and her Bodywork - My male partner and myself are excellent at bodywork. You and your partner can experience side by side massage. He works on her and I work on him. Finished in a way you will never get in the spa. 


Couples and women- I adore couples and respect your rules for playtime. I also enjoy dating women. 


*Specific requests:

Hey, I’m a fun and kinky girl and I am happy to include simple

requests at my regular rate. A simple request sounds like this:

I love stockings. Wear high heels.

Can you do XYZ role play? Mom’s best friend, secretary, boss, Stepmom, etc.

Red lingerie drives me wild.

Do you have pantyhose with the crotch cut out?

Bring toys for yourself. Bring toys for me.

Can you dress business like? Can you wear something low cut?


Specific requests are when you have more than 1 request or you have a very specific

scenario you want me to prepare for. Such as you want to request several items of my

clothing, or you have a very specific role-play that you want me to act out. If there is an

entire story that I need to know or do. If your request doesn’t fit into one quick sentence

it is probably a special request. In this case there is a 2 hour behind closed door minimum.